Blogger Talk


Good Monday to you and welcome to another, rather directionless post featuring a variety of topics, some pointless, some fresh and exciting. Enough of this witless banter, let’s just jump right in. I’m going to get the boring, technical business out of the way first than move right on to the fun stuff.

If you haven’t already noticed, I am fairly new to the blogging racket. While my reviews, top 10′s, and other miscellaneous posts are intriguing, clever, funny, etc…My site is somewhat, plain and monotonous. I have recently looked into acquiring someone to conjure up a few designs to spruce up the place. Now, going through some of my fellow bloggers sites, I noticed that most of you have nice setups. Whether it be personalized pictures, logos, or intricate layouts. My question to everyone is this, how did you stumble upon these fantastic blogging tools? To clear up the air, I am no pushover. I plan on doing this for a long time, it’s my passion and I enjoy it. I am in this for the long haul. So any information you might have on how to acquire or create these fancy pictures or logos or just to make my site look more handsome would be greatly appreciated.

Viggo Mortensen covered in tattoos as a crime boss in new movie with Naomi Watts

Alright, now that the boring junk is done with, let’s move on. I was laying in bed last night and began thinking about my country’s cinematic history and how I know very little about it. So, this morning I researched some information and was pleasantly surprised with how far back it went and how elaborate it was. I thought about how to include this into my blog and came to a fun, social conclusion. I would like to know what country you are from and what film, homegrown only, are you most proud of. If you don’t want to participate that’s fine, but if you would like to, simply leave a comment below with the country and film. For example, I am from Canada and the film I choose is Jason Reitman’s Juno. I was originally going to pick David Cronenberg’s Eastern Promises, ┬ábut realized Juno is much more Canadian. Juno was filmed in Canada, directed by a Canadian, and it’s two leads are also Canadian (Ellen Page and Michael Cera).


Next up, It’s Daniel Day-Lewis’s Birthday! One of the greatest actors to ever grace this planet, I want to know which DDL role is your all time favourite. I’ll post the poll at the end of the entry. I am going to select Bill “The Butcher” Cutting.


Lastly, I am going to leave you with a hilarious video I saw over the weekend starring Michael Shannon. Warning, it does contain profanity, so proceed with caution. I implore you to watch it if you haven’t, if you’ve already seen it, watch it again, it’s worth a second look. Enjoy!