Week #2

Let’s jump right in. It was slow this past week for television, not a lot of new episodes. The Office, Community, and SNL didn’t release anything new and Sundays cartoon craziness (Family Guy, American Dad, The Simpsons) followed suit.¬†However, Shameless and How I Met Your Mother presented some strong outings. But, I’m guessing what everyone wants to talk about is the season finale of The Walking Dead season 3. First, a brief opinion regarding How I Met Your Mother. Is anyone else getting as frustrated as I am regarding the time and length it has taken to get even remotely close to revealing the mother. I know were possibly, roughly 45 days away, but at the end of last season I was kind of enraged. My outlook might be in the minority, but I want to see some episodes with Ted and the mother together. I am sick of watching him suffer through loneliness while everyone else is engaged or already married. However, the episode did contain one of the more epic endings in the series entirety. Anyway, that’s just my thoughts, what are yours?


Next up, DVD and Blu-ray. I recently bought the four disc edition of Lincoln on Blu-ray because I loved the film. I have an extensive film collection. I enjoy owning physical copies of my favourite movies and don’t see an end to my collecting anytime soon. I would like to know if anyone else collects physical copies of films avidly like I do, or do you store them electronically, or not at all.


Lastly, The Walking Dead season finale. There are spoilers so if you have yet to see the last episode of the season, stop reading. Seriously stop reading…I warned you.


All right, I was kind of disappointed with the finale. Even though I thoroughly enjoy his character and acting, I was expecting the Governor to die. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he didn’t because I think he is a terrific villain. But I don’t see how he can continue to exist in the land of the dead after slaughtering countless civilians of his beloved Woodbury. It is clear now, more than ever that he has gone completely insane. No one is supporting him anymore, except his two henchmen who’s loyalty I am not even completely sold on. Maybe I missed something or you, the viewers have a different opinion. I am overjoyed that Andrea was finally killed off. I don’t think she could serve any further purpose in the show. It was depressing to see Milton go, but he kind of had it coming. He hung around to long when he should have just took his chances outside Woodbury’s walls. What did you think of the season finale? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, remember to check out the new top 10 which can be found in the top 10 section of the site and vote in the poll below. Have a good week!