Week #3


Without any further delay, let’s get into week three. The highlight of this past week was obviously the return of Mad Men on Sundays. But personally, the season finale of Shameless season 3 took centre stage. I hope to get a season review for Shameless season 3 out this week. Community and The Office also released new episodes this week. Following suit was Saturday Night Live which featured Melissa McCarthy hosting for the second time. Hitting Cinemas this past week was the highly anticipated re-imagining of Evil Dead and the 3D re-release of Jurassic Park.

First off, let’s dive into Mad Men’s season 6 premiere. 2 hours of sex, alcohol, smoking, and betrayal. It looks like Don’s rambunctious, selfish lifestyle is finally going to catch up with him. Roger seems as if a slight tap could shatter him. The company’s frustrating client base still refuses to accept poetry over simplicity. Surprisingly, the woman of Mad Men took over the two hour premiere. Megan, Peggy, Betty, and Joan had the most positive results of the episode. Strong, successful, and intelligent, a rare turn of events for the show. How often does the show showcase the failures of man and the rise of woman, quite the contrast to its norm. I really enjoyed the atmospheric feel to it, for example, the holiday’s remorse worked effectively. The highlight of the episode was seeing Megan (Jessica Pare) in a bikini. Just kidding…kind of…not really. What did you think of the premiere?



Next up, the weekend at the cinema. I caught both Evil Dead and Jurassic Park. My Evil Dead review is already up on the site and I’ll have Jurassic Park up tomorrow hopefully. Did any of you get out to the theatre this weekend? If so, what did you see? And what did you think?


Melissa McCarthy took over hosting duties this weekend for the second time on SNL. I am an avid SNL viewer and found that the times she has hosted, including this go around, she’s been more consistent than most guests. Like most episodes, the sketches were hit and miss, but overall she was fairly rewarding. Also, the guest appearance of Peter Dinklage was phenomenal. For those of you who caught it, what did you think?



Community was one of the better episodes this season, the puppets are returning soon. The Office is getting more and more depressing and it’s killing me inside. I’m hating that it’s drawing to a close. I’ve been with the Office since the beginning and it feels like losing a limb. I am still yet to watch the season finale of Shameless, so please, no one ruin it for me, or I will end you. I love hearing your opinions, so please, on any of the topics I’ve posted, or on anything I missed, please comment and discuss.


The Office - Season 9

Have a good week!