Week #4: Trailer Talk


This week I’ll be catching up on some trailers that have caught my eye since the start of 2013. Some of them represent films I’ve known about for some time, while others took me by surprise. You may have seen a few already and you may have not. I hope that a couple of these trailers draw your attention to films you otherwise would never have heard about, therefore would not have seen. One of the primary goals of my film site is to broaden the viewers perspective on cinema. I would like to assist that goal by presenting several trailers for upcoming films I feel should be terrific. There is a mix of multiple genres such as horror, comedy, drama, thriller, and romance. So there should be something for everyone. Also, the link to my review of Terrence Malick’s To The Wonder is below. I posted it some time ago but felt I should repost it because it received its iTunes, VOD, and theatrical release this past weekend. Enjoy!

Here is the link for my To the Wonder review.


First up, The Way, Way Back. One of my favourite all time actors, Sam Rockwell stars in this coming of age film that has a superb cast.

Next up, The East. This thriller stars one of my favourite actresses, Brit Marling. It touches on some serious subjects and looks to be an exciting ride.

Filth. The diverse James McAvoy takes the lead in this pleasant film that should appease those searching for a darker side to their comedy.

Alan Partridge is in Alpha Papa. I can’t really explain this one. You either know who he is or you don’t. If you’d like to learn more, look up Alan Partridge on Wikipedia. I find Steve Coogan hilarious and very under appreciated.

Single Shot. Another Sam Rockwell film who’s stock continues to rise. This brunt, dark drama looks to contain another outstanding performance from Rockwell.

Before Midnight. The third film in Richard Linklater’s story of two people in love at various points in their lives. Starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, the other two films are entitled Before Sunset and Before Sunrise.

The Conjuring. From modern horror’s saviour James Wan, director of Saw and Insidious comes this paranormal fright fest. There are two trailers for this one.

Trailer #1.

Trailer #2.

Only God Forgives. Nicolas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling team up again after their first successful outing Drive, need I say more?

Finally, this isn’t a trailer, just a marketing ploy. However, it’s for the upcoming Blockbuster, Man of Steel and features the incredibly talented Michael Shannon.

This weeks Top 10 will be the top films of 2013 predicted. We will include films we’ve already seen but rank them in comparison to our predictions for the future releases and what we think there score might be. It’s fun to anticipate and be excited for future releases. Let us know what you think of the trailers posted and what films you’re excited for in 2013.