Top 10 Episodes of The Office


WIth next weeks series finale looming over my head like a guillotine. I figured it would be best to honour The Office the best way I know how…with a cheap, under-seen, half-assed top 10. Of course I am just kidding. The Office has been one of favourite television shows ever since I can remember and its finale is weighing heavily on me. I know that a lot of you out there may be frustrated with its direction since Steve Carrell’s exit. However, I am one of the few who has stuck around through the good and bad and I hope there are more of you like me. While the seasons since Carrell’s exit have not been as fruitful, the characters remain potent. Now, before I start tearing up, let’s get into the top 10.

Honourable Mentions: “Garage Sale” Michael proposes to Holly, Season 7: Episode 19, “The Coup” Also known as the Call of Duty episode, Season 3: Episode 3, “Happy Hour” The date Mike episode, Season 6: Episode 21.

10: “Christmas Party” Season 2: Episode 10.

Highlights: Yankee Swap and the entire office gets drunk.


9: “Cafe Disco” Season 5: Episode 27.

Highlights: Michael teases Kevin with a non-existant cookie, Dwight accidentally slaps Michael in the head, and Jim and Pam almost get married.


8: “Booze Cruise” Season 2: Episode 11

Highlights: Guest appearance by Amy Adams, Michael causes panic claiming the boat is sinking, and Dwight thinks he is steering the boat.


7: “Dinner Party” Season 4: Episode 13.

Highlights: Jim tires to ditch Pam and Michael and Jan’s epic fight.

The Office "Dinner Party"

6: “Beach Games” Season 3: Episode 23.

Highlights: Pam’s assertive speech, Stanley sumo wrestling Jim, Andy floating helpless in a sumo suit on a lake, and Dwight laying down on hot coals.


5: “Fun Run” Season 4: Episodes 1 and 2.

Highlights: Jim and Pam admit they are dating, Michael hits Meredith with his car, and Michael vomits fettucini alfredo.


4: “Niagara” Season 6: Episodes 4 and 5.

Highlights: Pam and Jim finally get married, the employees of Dunder Mifflin dance, Dwight accidentally kicks his date in the face.


3: “Goodbye, Michael” Season 7: Episode 22.

Highlights: The entire cast could hardly act due to actual tears off screen and Michael’s goodbyes with Jim and Pam.


2: “Stress Relief” Season 5: Episodes 14 and 15.

Highlights: Dwight purposely locks the entire office in the building and convinces them there is a fire, Dwight cuts the face off of a CPR dummy and wears it.


1: “The Job” Season 3: Episodes 24 and 25.

Highlights: Michael, Jim, and Karen interview for a job in New York, Jan gets fired and does not go quietly, and Jim finally asks Pam out on a date.


“I’m sorry, what was the question?”

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  1. This is one of those shows where I wouldn’t even know where to begin with picking out specific episodes, ’cause there really are so damn many. But these are some nice picks you got here, nonetheless.

    I’ve actually stuck it out since Steve Carrell’s exit, and while it hasn’t all been good, I’m glad to see the increase in quality in these last few episodes at least. You can tell they’re really trying to end on a high note. The Office may have overstayed its welcome just a bit, but it’ll still be sad to see it go next week.

    • I’m glad you stuck it out as well. I agree it hasn’t been as good, but it is definitely not as bad as people make it seem. It was difficult to chose ten of my favourites but I’m happy with what I’ve came up with. I’m really excited for the finale and depressed at the same time. Really happy you enjoyed the list!

  2. My favourite episode is one where an ex convict starts working in the office and Michael plays the character ‘Prison Mike’

  3. The first episode, where I just remember laughing from start to finish, was the one where Michael burns his foot, on the George Foreman Grill while sleeping, and Dwight, rushing to get him gets in a car accident. That’s one of those, where, just the image in your mind, is so much funnier, than anything they could’ve shot, and then it just got funnier and funnier, and Dwight’s seeming normal, and Michael brings in the wheelchair guy, just a great episode!

    • Completely agree, that is a terrific and hilarious episode. It is such an idiotic circumstance, yet oddly comedic. Dwight’s concussion definitely made that episode for me.

      • “The Injury” was definitely my favorite episode. It was actually the episode that got me hooked on the show. I’ve probably seen it about 15 times by now, but I still crack up the entire time. I also agree that Dwight’s concussion makes the episode. I really enjoy when Dwight says his middle name is Danger.

      • I’m pretty sure this is also the episode where Dwight steals one of Michael’s “that’s what she said” jokes and it angers Michael, that scene always makes me laugh.

  4. Great list, so glad that The Job was your #1! Also that there are so many great Jim and Pam episodes here, I miss the old PB&J days :( I almost want to go back and watch these now… Yep, Netflix here I come

    P.S. the only one I might’ve tried to slip in here was Drug Testing, my favorite Dwight episode by far

    • You should definitely re-watch them in order to get prepared for next weeks finale, I’m trying to do the same. I own all the seasons on DVD so it shouldn’t be that hard. I was going to include the drug testing one but it just didn’t make my cut, I’ll probably put it in the honourable mention section. Thanks for the kind words!

  5. Stress Relief and Dinner Party are both gloriously funny :D

  6. Great article!

    But you left out some of the best ones:

    *the episode following the booze-cruise where Michael followed Jim around the office and kept making references to the “P situation” and then blurting out to Toby, “The lunch at Hooters WAS business b/c I took Jim out b/c he’s been depressed b/c he’s in love with one of his co-workers who is engaged!” LOLOL!!!

    *Phyllis’s wedding where Michael rolled her father down the aisle, but then her father tried to stand from the wheelchair, but Michael tried to push him back down so that he could wheel him down the aisle. And then he kept trying to talk over the preacher during the ceremony. LOL.

    *When Jim threw Andy’s cell in the ceiling and Andy punched a hole in the wall! LOL. That was the best prank ever! Not necessarily the best executed, but the best outcome b/c Andy was finally put in his place.

    Really though, all 54 episodes from seasons 1-3 were top-notch, and on-par with any comedy series ever; immaculate writing IMO.

    • Thanks! I didn’t forget those episodes, they just didn’t make my top 10 lol, but I see what you mean. Phyllis’s wedding and where Andy punches a hole in the wall are absolutely terrific episodes. I love when Michael finds Phyllis’s uncle or grandfather, I can’t remember which, hugely funny. All the episodes you listed are hilarious. I’ll probably put them in the honourable mention section :).

  7. I love this list! I think my all-time favourite moment is when Michael is supposed to give up his “That’s what she said” jokes in front of the whole office and then while Jim is trying to set him up to say it again in front of his bosses he takes one look at Packer’s subtle nod of approval and just goes for it. I laugh at that scene every single time I see it.

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