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Top 10 Trilogies

1. a: The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Tied for first place, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy is one of the most complete and balanced trilogies of all time.


1. b: The Dark Knight trilogy. Being able to tie with quite possibly the greatest cinematic achievement ever, The Dark Knight Trilogy reshaped comic book films and shattered the box office.


3. Star Wars trilogy: Episodes 4, 5, and 6. These original sci-fi masterpieces made the list without question.


4. a: The Godfather trilogy. If it wasn’t for a shaky third outing, The Godfather trilogy would without hesitation be in the top 3.


4. b: Bourne: original trilogy. Being tied with the Godfather trilogy should be incentive enough to give the Bourne trilogy the respect it deserves.


6. Jurassic Park trilogy. An irreplaceable part of most generations childhood. The Jurassic Park trilogy may not be as strong from top to bottom, but its undeniably a thoroughly fun time.


7. Indiana Jones: original trilogy. Spielberg’s masterful trilogy is without a doubt nostalgic, quotable, and an unmatchable thrill.

Indiana Jones Trilogy

8. The Terminator: original trilogy. Featuring Arnold in his prime. The Terminator trilogy provides a few good frights and is a shoot first, ask questions later roller coaster ride.


9. The Matrix trilogy. The most sophisticated and intelligent trilogy on the list. The last two films may not be as perfected as the original, but still manage to grab the viewers attention.


10. Vengeance trilogy. Chan-wook Park’s bloody and smart trilogy is definitely the most vicious on the list.


Honourable Mentions: Die Hard original trilogy, X-Men original trilogy, The Evil Dead trilogy, Toy Story trilogy, Mariachi trilogy, and Alien original trilogy.


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