Top 10 Best Cameos


As promised, this week’s top 10 will consist of what I believe to be the best cameos in cinematic history. After last week’s list of dreadful and down-right idiotic guest appearances, I think this segment could use a pick-me up, don’t you? Now, we can sit here until we’re blue in the face arguing what makes a cameo truly great. We can list the traits off one by one, subtlety, hilarity, relevance, and on, and on. Regardless, in this top 10 I believe you’ll find, like I did, that a cameo doesn’t have any criteria, they simply succeed or falter based on their own individual merit. Granted, a few of the cameos listed are quite odd, funny, incredible, memorable, and indescribable, but there are no errors. I’ve compiled this list with purpose, to be diverse, I want there to be something for everyone, and if there isn’t, please let me know.

Again, just so there are no discrepancies later on. Tom Cruise in “Tropic Thunder” will not be featured in this top 10. The image is simply a header for the top 10 and this will continue until I am able to create a suitable segment header.

As always, if you feel that I’ve overlooked a cameo or believe one was listed that shouldn’t have been, please comment below. I am always looking to improve on this segment and all feedback is welcome.

Let’s get started!


10: Tim Robbins “Anchorman”

Why?: Upon appearing in numerous films that have historical and cinematic importance, it was extremely odd to see “Andy Dufresne” chop off Luke Wilson’s arm with a machete.


9: Hugh Jackman “X-Men: First Class”

Why?: I know for some it wasn’t a surprise at all, but I had no idea it was coming and laughed my ass off like an idiot.



8: Martin Freeman “Shaun of the Dead”

Why?: Honestly, I had no idea he appeared in the film until very recently. Now that I know, I think it is possibly the coolest thing ever. Bilbo Baggins killing zombies, c’mon.



7: Will Ferrel “Wedding Crashers”

Why?: You know why, if you don’t, you’re not my friend.



6: Bruce Campbell “Spider Man” trilogy.

Why?: I know most of you didn’t like the fact I disliked Stan Lee’s numerous cameos in multiple Marvel films. And the fact that I am adding Campbell from three films in which Lee also appeared must really burn. But, c’mon, it’s Bruce Campbell…”Evil Dead”…”Army of Darkness”…you know…he’s awesome.





5: Cate Blanchett and Peter Jackson “Hot Fuzz”

Why?: Two of the most respected names in film appearing in a movie centred around a corrupt, murderous, deranged town…Yes Please!!




4: Christopher Walken “Pulp Fiction”

Why?: I don’t really know if this counts as a cameo or a supporting role…can any of you clarify this? Nonetheless, it is hilarious and inventive.



3: Bill Murray “Zombieland”




2: Martin Scorsese “Taxi Driver”

Why?: It is one of my all time favourite Scorsese scenes, just incredible.



1: Ralph Fiennes “The Hurt Locker”

Why?: Can anyone clarify this as a cameo or supporting role? Anyway, I am a huge Ralph Fiennes fan and this cameo is pure brilliance.



I hope you all enjoyed this week’s top 10. If you feel I’ve overlooked a cameo or placed one in the top 10 that shouldn’t be there, feel free to comment below. Everyone have a great weekend!

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  1. Came here looking for Bill Murray in Zombieland, leave satisfied.

    Also, Bob Barker in Happy Gilmore and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in Airplane!

    • LOL, glad I could satisfy your Murray needs!

      I thought about Barker, maybe I’ll list him in the honourable mentions. I didn’t even think of the “Airplane!” cameo, thanks for bringing it up :).

  2. I was trying to think of some other cameos to get witty about but then i had to get on a conference call so now I am distracted! Great work! I’ll try and think of some others later.

    • LOL ok. Sure it’s a conference call, I think you can’t muster any so you’re making up excuses ;). Take your time, look forward to debating with ya :). Oh and thanks!

      • LOL – I work for a very large company and we have one customer having a problem in a town called Niarada, Montana and everyone’s freaking out. You can’t make that up.

        How did Les Grossman not make your list??? That’s one of the funniest characters I’ve ever seen.

      • Haha, all right, I believe you.

        Les Grossman didn’t make it cause I didn’t figure it to be a cameo. I’m pretty sure he is listed in the credits and his role is fairly large, doesn’t seem fair to the other cameos :).

  3. Great list! One of my favorite cameo’s is David Cronenberg’s appearance in The Fly during the baby delivering scene where it’s actually a giant maggot. AMAZING!

  4. Wow, I had no idea Cate Blanchett and Peter Jackson were in Fuzz and I just rewatched it about a month ago, brilliant

  5. I was waiting for the Murray/Zombieland one, glad it ranked high. Gotta say that the Scorsese one is my favorite and probably the most memorable of all for me. If I added something, I’d put any of Hitchcock’s cameos as honorable mention.

    • Everyone seems to be looking for Murray/Zombieland cameo, I’m so glad I ranked it now LOL. I thought about putting the Scorsese cameo first cause I also love it, just missed out. I was going to put Hitchcock and all his cameos in one number, but ended up leaving it out. I’ll probably toss it in the honourable mention section.

  6. Did not know that was Peter Jackson!

  7. Nice list. Good pick on Scorsese’s scene in Taxi Driver, he also has a great cameo in The King of Comedy and a voice one in Bringing Out The Dead. I would also nominate any of Alfred Hitchcock’s cameos in his movies.

  8. Cool picks. I would have included Tom Cruise, though. My favorite is Bill Murray in Zombieland. And about Fiennes and Walken, I think those were supporting roles.

  9. I agree on Christopher Walken from Pulp Fiction!! Finally saw the movie two months ago…it seemed overlong to me, like most Tarantino-directed movies are!! I think it should’ve been
    2hrs.15 minutes long, felt the same thing with
    Django Unchained–fine, but over-long and slow-moving!!!
    I actually dug the Tarantino cameo in both those films–especially Pulp Fiction!!!
    My favorite you forgot to mention was Mike Tyson from The Hangover. NICE!!!!!

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