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Best Films of 2013

Most Anticipated Films of 2014

All-Time Favourite Sequel

  1. I have completed my vote. Very tough decisions to be made, so many fantastic films! … I didn’t add it as it was not one of my top three (but still in a top 10) but ‘Only Lover’s Left Alive’ was a great watch too.

  2. My top choice would be the Danish film “The Hunt”. I don’t see it on the list but I voted with what’s there:)

    • Oh shit! I love that flick, I saw it in 2012, that’s why I didn’t include it! But you’re right, it is contending in this years Oscar race. You should have wrote it in! I’m going to add it right away!

  3. That was tough but I have managed to pick three!

  4. Yeah i definitely am going to wait a bit until the end of this month to vote here. Great idea, Joseph!! This is gonna be a fun challenge. . . . .be back in a bit.

  5. Top 3 picked! Strangely enough, this wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be… my 3 favourites of the year really stand out.
    Looking forward to seeing the result!

  6. Done and done. That was tough to pick just three!

  7. Tough to pick just three Joseph, but I did it😀

  8. Voted! What a great year in cinema, Joe!😀

  9. My top 3 were Inside Llewyn Davis, Before Midnight, and 12 Years A Slave, all excellent films.

  10. I voted. Did they take?

  11. Just stuck my votes in buddy! Thanks for the reminder, I had totally lost track of the time haha

  12. Disregard that! Just voted! Woo Hoo!

  13. Saw your post on Keith’s site so came on over to participate as well. Gonna look around while I’m here.

  14. I voted! My biggest “whoa” vote is the Imitation Game. Alan Turing has one hell of a life tale to tell and I can’t wait to see Cumberbatch tackle the role.

  15. Submitted my votes. Quite difficult as there as so many interesting films being released.
    I have actually seen ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’ and ‘Locke’ – they are both wonderful, I am sure you will love them!

  16. May I suggest an addition? Guardians of the Galaxy!:)

  17. I’d vote for Interstellar thrice if it was possible, this way, split it among the new X-Men and the Hunger Games sequel.

  18. Done! I’m still building enthusiasm on a lot of 2014 offerings so picking 3 wasn’t too hard:) Can’t wait to see the results!

  19. X-Men is my top choice, but it was still hard to narrow down to three!

  20. There was a glaring absence of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes here.

  21. Aliens, of course. Obviously the greatest sequel, but also the greatest movie of all time. And I’d call Die Hard 2: Die Harder the most underrated movie sequel of all time — perhaps even better than Die Hard, which itself is in my Top 5.

  22. I’d like to read your review of American Psycho. Don’t leave that classic out. This is my request.

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