Vote! Most Anticipated Films of 2014


Since I had such a blast (as I hope you all did as well) with the first open poll, I’ve decided to make it a running segment here at The Cinema Monster! The first vote determined what you, the viewer, thought the best films of 2013 are, and the results will be posted tomorrow. However, now that it’s 2014, we have a new year filled with an immense number of flicks to look forward to!

So, with that in mind, let me officially welcome you to “Vote: Most Anticipated Films of 2014!”

This poll will run exactly the same as its predecessor. Simply click on “Vote” in the main menu and it will direct you to the voting area. Once there, read over an extensive list of films set for release in 2014 and pick your top 3. If you do not see a film you prefer listed, feel free to write it in! Once you’ve completed your vote, please leave a comment informing me of your participation so I don’t have to hunt you down for contribution.

Before I let you go, make sure to search into the films listed you don’t know about, there’s a good chance they’ll affect your votes and your outlook on the year ahead in film. Also, I’d like to send you all a BIG thank you for participating last time around and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the poll’s results. To be honest, they surprised me, to say the least. Now, go on over and vote in the new poll!

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  1. Cool. Will head over to vote in a sec!

  2. I’ve voted. Some really good flicks on the way next year.

  3. It looks like a good year ahead. For me, my top pick is undoubtedly Inherent Vice.

  4. Love that you’re continuing this! Great idea! :D

  5. Oh boy, ONLY 3? That’s impossible :D Well, I made my picks anyway Joseph.

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