My TIFF 2013 Schedule


Okay, okay, you got me, the title of this post is a tad misleading. Considering the likelihood of additional screenings being added to my festival schedule, this is merely the first wave. Now, for those who don’t know, TIFF tickets officially went on sale yesterday at 9:00am ET.

I was up bright and early, various internet accessible devices at my dispose, and a gentle, tingling excitement pulsating from my body. Then, not too long after the initial start time, I began to realize that certain films I had intended on attending were temporarily off-sale. However, one thing you come to realize about the festival upon attending numerous times, is to not get too discouraged when a couple of your preferred screenings go off-sale early on. The reason being, there are several, alternative ways to obtain tickets after the start-date. Each day during the festivities at around 7am, additional tickets typically go on sale. If you strike out again, you can always join the rush line which forms just before the screening you’re hoping to be apart of. Essentially, you line up, then roughly 10 minutes before the film’s start time, the empty seats are counted up and sold to those who are waiting in line…so don’t get too down.

I am not going to lie, it was a bit of a let down. I would loved to have gotten all my tickets from the beginning. Then, I would have nothing to worry about other than getting to the screenings and enjoying the films. Oh well, it’s all apart of the experience and to be completely honest, a lot of fun.

Alright, that’s enough of a summarization, let’s get into my initial schedule. Below you will find screenings in which I have tickets bought and ready to go. Click on the title of the film for all you need to know. For those wondering, Premium Screenings contain a red carpet, celebrity appearances, an intro by the filmmakers, and usually a Q and A. Midnight Madness takes place everyday during the festival at midnight, it is always horror films or thrillers.

Saturday September 7, 2013:

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (premium screening), Roy Thomson Hall: 6:00pm.


Dallas Buyers Club (premium screening), Princess of Wales: 10:00pm.

EXCLUSIVE: Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto film scenes together for The Dallas Buyers Club in New Orleans.

The Green Inferno (midnight madness), Ryerson: 11:59pm.


Sunday September 8, 2013:

Gravity (premium screening), Princess of Wales: 6:30pm.


Monday September 9, 2013:

TheĀ Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Him and Her, Visa Screening Room: 2:00pm.


Tuesday September 10, 2013:

Joe, Princess of Wales: 3:00pm.


Don Jon (premium screening), Princess of Wales: 6:30pm.


Friday September 13, 2013:

The Sacrament, Scotiabank: 6:45pm.


Next up, I will lay out what films I will be doing everything in my power to obtain tickets to. Odds are, I’ll be attending these screenings, I just don’t have the tickets as of yet.

Thursday September 5, 2013.

The Fifth Estate (premium screening), Visa Screening Room: 6:30pm.


Friday September 6, 2013.

12 Years a Slave (premium screening), Princess of Wales: 6:00pm.


Monday September 9, 2013.

Philomena, Visa Screening Room: 11:00am.


August: Osage County (premium screening), Roy Thomson Hall: 6:30pm.


Wednesday September 11, 2013:

Tracks, TIFF Bell Lightbox: 2:45pm


Okay all, this is my TIFF 2013 schedule thus far. I will be posting pics and videos from the events before, during, and after the screenings, so be sure to follow me on twitter (cinema_monster). In addition, I will be posting reviews for each film I see as fast as I can write them up. I’ll let you all know whenever I add screenings and try to keep you updated everyday. Let’s have a great week and a great festival!

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  1. Awesome line-up. You’re going to have a lot to digest!

  2. Again, so incredibly jealous! Have fun and I hope you score those tickets!

  3. I hate you so hard, Joseph. So hard.

  4. Wow! You got lots of tickets there :) Totally jealous! BTW, I’m not sure where any of these places are but I’m at Scotiabank 9 on Friday 13th also *GASP* Its just that big Scotiabank, right?
    Can’t wait to read your reviews :) Good luck on the other movies!

  5. Nice! Looking forward to seeing your reports.

  6. You get to see The Sacrament… you sorry bastard!!!

    Just kidding, of course. I hope it’s EXCELLENT.

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