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Inside (2007)


Classified in the extremist movement along with other films such as Martyrs, Three…Extremes, and Frontier(s). Inside is frightening and psychotic with a healthy dose of gore injected every few minutes just in case it didn’t fully mentally and visually scar you with its dismembering brutality. It may be too over the edge for some, but the emotional underlying provided by the clever motives and nifty vantage points should be enough to settle your stomach. Much like Martyrs, Inside for the majority depends on a pair of ladies to take the reigns. Starring Beatrice Dalle and Alysson Paradis as sudden combatants thrust into a bloody, organ spilling battle. Directed by Alexandre Bustillo, Inside, another great french horror, is ruthless and thoroughly enjoyable as it drenches its viewers in bodily fluids and provoking utter terror.


Sarah (Paradis) and her husband are in a deadly car crash four months before Christmas that only her and her unborn baby survive. On Christmas Eve, Sarah paces her house alone, mourning her departed husband and anticipating the scheduled delivery of her baby the next morning. An unexpected visitor knocks on Sarah’s door begging to use her phone. When Sarah refuses, the visitor reveals personal information about Sarah and tries to force her way inside. Sarah immediately calls the police who find nothing unusual, but say they will check up on her at various times in the night. The woman (Dalle) returns and breaks into Sarah’s home. The woman forcibly tries to remove Sarah’s unborn child. Sarah manages to escape into her bathroom and lock herself in. Throughout the night, Sarah is constantly tortured by the woman as she tries to break free.


The scares may trail off in the second half, but the nonstop back and forth action, detailed gore, and new characters make up for the lack of fright and keep the experience fresh. Using extreme in the literal sense, for example capturing every bludgeon on the fetus camera which might be too raw and uncensored for the unseasoned viewer. Inside takes pride in its unforgiving nature as it should. Each slice, stab, and strike is enhanced and given genuine personification through Paradis and Dalle’s invested appearance and reactions. Inside, besides its buckets of gleeful gore, proposes some serious statements regarding the significance of reproduction and displays the dark side of humanities inability to effectively cope. Inside is a jackhammer to the senses and a chainsaw to the heart.

Inside: 9 out of 10.


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