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The Gushing Cinephile: November 4, 2013

Well, after a brief…let’s call it a hiatus, everything is back to business as usual here at The Cinema Monster. I sincerely hope you all had fun with our Canon segment! It will continue to pop up from time to time and I plan to improve and make it more enjoyable and rewarding in the future. Now, I’ve got some awesome reviews ready to post in the coming days and weeks, plus a few stellar top 10s. But that’s in the future, let’s get into the now. Here’s the latest edition of The Gushing Cinephile!


Here’s the first look at Lance Armstrong in the upcoming biopic of the cyclist directed by Stephen Frears. I have no idea why they’d cast Lance as himself, it just doesn’t make much sense…I mean…what’s that? That’s Ben Foster…really? Holy Hell! It looks exactly like Armstrong. Geez, that’s even better, love Foster.


Christian Bale as Moses, need I say more? This first look is for the upcoming bible epic “Exodus” directed by Ridley Scott.



Tom Hardy is now confirmed to play Elton John! This might be the greatest thing ever! The biopic is early in pre-production, but with Hardy now attached, it has shot to the top of my most anticipated list.


Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult appear to be the front runners for “Like Crazy” director’s Drake Doremus’ next outing “Equals,” a sci-fi love story. I know this isn’t prime news for a lot of you, but I’m a huge of all three filmmakers, especially Kirsten Stewart, if you know what I mean.





The impeccable, unsettling horror flick “We Are What We Are” is set to hit home video on January 7, 2014. Expect my review for the film this week.


Another horror hit will be invading your homes early next year. The critically acclaimed “You’re Next” will hit Blu-ray on January 14, 2014. Check out our review here.



Another clip from the Lars Von Trier’s upcoming sexual addiction epic “Nymphomaniac” was released, check it out below. Oh, and the clip does contain some nudity and sexuality, so, you know, mature audiences only.


Below you’ll find a slew of awesome trailers, ranging from horrifying, funny, epic, and sexy…there’s something for everyone!

Devil’s Due:

Here Comes the Devil:

The Grand Budapest Hotel:

X-Men Days of Future Past:

Open Grave:

Charlie Countryman:

Only Lovers Left Alive:

Okay then, that’ll do it for this week’s edition of The Gushing Cinephile. Hope I could provide you with some exciting news. Have a great week!


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