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Hawking (2004)


Even though at times it may be exceedingly difficult to watch. Hawking is a brilliant biographical-drama that features a monumental performance from Benedict Cumberbatch in the title role. Focusing evenly on the intellect, charisma, and heart that comprised the man himself. Hawking is an intriguing, charming, unflinching look into the life and struggles of theoretical physics most prominent and respected cosmologist. There is no denying that it’s a tough ninety-minutes to get through. It is near impossible to describe watching the physical deterioration of a mans body and the affect it has on his life and relationships, let alone his mental and physical states.¬†Nonetheless, very seldom does a film this heartbreaking provide an infinite supply of inspiration. If you can muster the will and take strong control of your emotions. Hawking is a highly rewarding journey through the mind of possibly the most brilliant man we will ever know.


Simultaneously telling the stories of Stephen Hawking early in his career at the University of Cambridge and Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson’s doing an interview before their acceptance of the Nobel prize. Hawking is a potent television drama that doesn’t shy away from the upsetting content or the excessively challenging science. Profiling Stephen from his 21st birthday onwards. Hawking does a fantastic job depicting his physical struggles, unparalleled mind, and evolution of his relationships.


While there is an abundance of great supporting performances. They all take a backseat to Benedict Cumberbatch’s unmeasurable portrayal of Stephen Hawking. His take is unwavering, regardless of whether he is suffering from slurred speech, uncontrollable balance, or unrealized dreams. There is something so utterly mesmerizing about Cumberbatch’s mannerisms and facial expressions. Nevertheless, when his eyes gaze towards the sky or how they beam when a realization crosses his mind, it feels as if you’re looking into the eyes of Hawking himself. Bursting with unfathomable thoughts and a sense of wonder and accomplishment we can only dream of.¬†Cumberbatch gives a performance that will define his career for years to come.


Toss away any thoughts of discredit or triviality because Hawking is a television movie. It carries more weight, emotion, and brilliance than most high-budget action flicks, expressionistic dramas, or hackneyed¬†psychological thrillers. Cumberbatch’s performance alone should be enough to make it worth while. If not, the dramatized history of Hawking’s arduous, yet incredibly significant life should do the trick. At the very least it will broaden your understanding of the universe, there is no downside to it. There is little to no falsification of the real life events and the imagery is lovely to behold. Hawking is a level above most biographical reenactments and tells one of the most harrowing and important stories in our lifetime. Hawking looks past our irrelevant casings into what truly makes humanity unique and explodes like the beginning of recorded time.

Pulling strongly on the viewers heartstrings and sympathetic tendencies. Hawking is an immaculate depiction of the life and personality behind one of the greatest minds to ever exist.

Hawking: 9 out of 10.


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