Tracks (2014)


In case you missed the news, I’ve started contributing to The Cinematic Katzenjammer, in addition to Gone With The Movies. Of course, The Cinema Monster will still remain my home. That being said, it’d mean the world to me if you could head on over to The CK and give my latest review (Tracks) a gander. And while you’re there, feel free to drop a like/comment, seeing as the site is also run through WordPress! So logging in and such won’t be a hassle. Just click the link below!

Tracks (2014)

If you did happen to miss the notice last week, you might have missed out on my review of “The Trip to Italy.” Don’t feel left out, it’s very easily rectified. Simply click on the link below and it’ll immediately direct you to the article!

The Trip to Italy (2014)

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  1. I’ve tried to leave a comment on your ‘Tracks’ review, which was impressive, but it won’t let me comment. :(
    So here’s what I said:
    Great review, Josesph. I’ve always admired Mia W. and think she’s far more talented than her contemporaries like Jennifer Lawrence. I bet she’s great here, as you say, albeit with a weak script. I’ll rent it.

    • It’s alright, Cindy :). Thanks for reading, regardless of where you comment! Mia Wasikowska is really strong here, not that it came as any surprise. She’s always been talented, hopefully she’ll continue to rise and see better pictures as a reward for her effort!

  2. Joseph, you, as they say, are the man. Top effort and strong work for getting involved with the Katz.

  3. Ohh I want to see this now. Great review, I couldn’t comment on that other site, I think I need to set something up on my computer.

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