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TCM Cannon: Horror Film #2

For those not familiar with last week’s post about TCM Canon, here’s a refresher…

The rules are very simple. I will post a picture of a horror film that ranks inside my personal top 10 and the first person to guess the title of the film correctly will win. If after the first hour no one arrives at the answer, I will add another, more detailed picture. If the second hour passes without a winner, a third and final image will be added to assist in surmising an answer. All guesses can be posted in the comment section below or to me on twitter (@cinema_monster).

the first film inducted last week was “The Descent.”

Here’s the first image…good luck!


And the the second image…



Here’s the final image, although two people didn’t need it! I’m taking it too easy on you all, from now on, harder images…


Congratulations to Eric and Paul for guessing correctly!


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