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TCM Canon: Horror Edition!

Here’s the deal. I really wanted to do something epic for Halloween this year, just didn’t get it off the ground in time. Next year, I look to realize my Horror-themed segment and I hope all of you will participate when the time comes…

Now, that being said, I couldn’t let this, my first October as a blogger pass without doing something to celebrate my favourite holiday. Now, with that in mind, I present to you…

My Canon: Horror Edition!

The rules are very simple. I will post a picture of a horror film that ranks inside my personal top 10 and the first person to guess the title of the film correctly will win. If after the first hour no one arrives at the answer, I will add another, more detailed picture. If the second hour passes without a winner, a third and final image will be added to assist in surmising an answer. All guesses can be posted in the comment section below or to me on twitter (@cinema_monster).

Halloween, like I said, is my favourite holiday. I love candy, costumes, and most of all, horror films. I’ve seen so many that I’ve lost count. Nothing would make me happier than to share my viewing experiences and knowledge with you all. So I conjured up this segment to help spread the word about lesser known films, provide recommendations to those who are looking,¬†and assist new cinephiles looking for the best the genre has to offer.

This segment will run until October 31, so reviews will be pushed to the back burner till then. The Gushing Cinephile and The Guest List will still be posted as scheduled. Also, I am looking to broaden my Horror resume, so any and all recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

Without further ado, here’s the first image!


Here’s, the second image, since it’s been a little over an hour without a correct guess…


And finally, the last image….



Congratulations to Nick from The Cinematic Katzenjammer for guessing “The Descent!”


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