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Top 10 Worst Trilogy Finales


If you haven’t already noticed, there has been a couple of trilogy finales released in the past month. And unfortunately, or fortunately, especially for the sake of this list, both stink worse than my cat’s litter-box. So, in celebration of these dump-fires, I’ve compiled the 10 worst trilogy finales of all time. Again, these are listed by myself and contain only my opinion, so if you’re going to yell at anyone, yell at me. Now, just to make things perfectly clear. The films listed have to be apart of a trilogy and have to be the finale. No quadrilogies or sagas or anything like that, just trilogies. So, for example, Die Hard 3 would not be considered a finale because there are currently five movies in that series, get it? The same goes for Jaws 3-D, which, unfortunately will not be on this list.

The films will be ranked on the critical and overall success of the first two entries into the trilogy and the quality of the finale. But, essentially, the higher the film ranks, the less I enjoyed the finale.

Also, as always, if you find any problems in the list or think I’ve overlooked a film, please comment all thoughts and questions below. These lists are not set in stone and I expect they will change as time passes.

I can already feel the hatred being beamed at me like a laser. So, without further ado, let’s get started.


10: Iron Man 3.

Why?: An overly complex story, contrived performances, and idiotic twists ultimately lead to this finale’s downfall.



9: Jurassic Park 3.

Why?: One can only come up with so many excuses to return to a dinosaur infested island, unprepared no less. Nonetheless, I still enjoy watching this brainless action flick.

imgjurassic park 33


8: Hostel: Part 3.

Why?: One can only take so much torture-porn. I happened to really love the first two entries, but this one tailed off decidedly.



7: The Matrix: Revolutions.

Why?: As the first two, especially the original, were highly original, intelligent, and action-packed. This finale, although still heart-racing, gets lost in its own confusion and misses the heart of what made its predecessors so unique.



6: X-Men: The Last Stand.

Why?: Compared to the first two entries, this film is no where near as impressive. Replacing its heart and persistence with more bangs and booms. This finale truly missed the touch of Bryan Singer.



5: Spider Man 3.

Why?: A barrage of villains that don’t garner enough screen time really dampens the viewers spirit. Not to mention the completely idiotic and lame dance sequence that lasts for a lot longer than it should.



4: The Godfather: Part 3.

Why?: The first two instalments into this trilogy will go down as two of the greatest films in cinematic history. While this third and final entry is extremely contrived and seems like a ploy to obtain revenue.



3: Rec 3: Genesis.

Why?: Like The Godfather, obviously not on the same scale but, essentially the first two entries revamped modern horror. This finale shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath as the original two.



2: The Hangover: Part 3.

Why?: it is exceedingly difficult to enjoy this finale as the second entry was also barely passable. Featuring weak joke after weak joke, The Hangover: Part 3 just doesn’t hold its ground as a comedy.



1: Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Why?: While the CGI is impressive, it’s nothing that wasn’t already accomplished in the first two instalments. Michael Bay tried to infuse more heart into this finale, but failed. On the bright side, as you can tell from the picture below, he did get something right.



Again, if you feel I’ve overlooked a film or think a film is listed that shouldn’t be, feel free to voice your concern.


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