Blogger Talk: New Weekly Segment

As you’ve probably all noticed, each Monday I’ve been testing new ideas for a weekly segment. Blogger Talk and Trailer Talk have performed somewhat positively, but for the most part they seem to be lacking. What I feel to be the most important aspect of my site is communication. As much as I enjoy writing, reviewing movies, and compiling top 10′s, I love interacting with you guys even more. So, instead of giving up, I’ve got one more idea I hope will boost the interaction and communication aspects of my site.

The gist of my solo brainstorming sessions is as follows. Each Monday I will post one or two films I recently purchased for my own private collection. I’ll break down the positives of the transaction such as the physical casing, extras, picture quality, etc…as well as the negatives, if any. While I hope this will spark more conversation and obviously awareness of my site. My main goal is to assist anyone considering making a similar purchase. But I don’t want it to stop there. Each week I want you guys to contribute films you’ve recently bought. Nothing too extravagant, just a quick, short comment on the film, the benefits of the purchase, if you recommend it, etc…In addition, I encourage all of you to give me direct recommendations for review. Obviously I can’t buy every film you’ll recommend. However, I will read every comment and if a single film receives multiple mentions, of course I will pay attention to the most popular.

Now, this is for all you die-hard collectors out there like myself. As a cinephile, I am heavily addicted to building my own personal collection. Now, correct me if I am wrong…but am I delirious in thinking that as fellow film lovers, you do the same? If this is true, I have one last facet I’d love to include in this segment. For anyone who is willing, I would very much like it if we could have a guest reviewer every now and then, lets say once a month just for the first few months. Then, if it grows substantially, we can expand. I will write up an outline of what to include in the review and to anyone who is interested, email me and I will send out the criteria. For any of those who don’t see the difference between posting a small comment and being a guest reviewer, I understand your pain. The comments I hope the public will post will be something small, just to ignite conversation between bloggers and followers. The review aspect will be considerably in depth and more specific.

Of course, this goes without saying, but if most of you think this is a silly, idiotic idea I will scrap it and you all can forget everything I said and carry on with your lives. So, please comment below and let me know what you think of this idea. Even if you’re confused as to what I am proposing. Leave a comment with your questions and I will answer ASAP.

One last thing! I completely forgot. For this new segment, we will need a name and I want it to be something more elegant than “Recently Purchased Films.” So, any suggestions for the title of this segment are greatly appreciated. If all goes well, I will announce the winner next week and hopefully get the first post in this new weekly segment up on monday. Don’t forget to comment!

If you want to be a guest reviewer in this new segment, send me a personal email at [email protected]

10 thoughts on “Blogger Talk: New Weekly Segment

  1. I don’t really buy physical movies any longer…. If I really love something I’ll buy it on iTunes but I would love to do a guest review for your site : )

  2. Great idea. I will use streaming to see a film that “looks” interesting, but if it’s a film by a certain director or is of a type of genre that I love, then I buy it (mostly for the special features) I have well over 400 films in my collection and it keeps growing. So in my mind at least, you are not alone. :-)

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